Valentine's Day 2018
2nd February 2018
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St Valentine was a Roman who married people against Roman law. It was illegal to marry soldiers and Christians. He eventually paid the ultimate price and when he came unstuck he wrote a parting message to his sweetheart saying, ‘from Your Valentine’. 

Later, in the days of Chaucer during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, it was customary to express one's love by sending flowers or confectionery and greetings cards known as ‘Valentines.’ So, the custom arose, and it is still a joyful celebration of love and cherishing between folks who otherwise might not be so bold, and in our busy lives, we may be neglectful of the one that we love. St Valentine’s Day allows us to stop a moment and think warmly of that special person and to redress the situation

Why not take the opportunity to pop along to your local Greetings Card shop and search out a really superb card, it shows that you care? So much better than sending an email because it is a meaningful personal gesture. Oh, and whilst you are out buying a card, why not nip into the flower shop or the chocolate shop and buy a nice gift too. Go the extra mile, be a true Valentine.

Ideas for a Perfect Valentine’s Day.

Book a table. Restaurants in Town The Lime Leaf and The Poacher Inn will be happy to welcome diners who would like a quiet tete-a-tete or family gatherings or a party, but beware all of our Inns, Restaurants and similar eateries will be very busy, so call ahead and book a table to avoid disappointment. Apollo Hotel will be having a special Valentine's Dinner or Afternoon Tea. Throughout February you'll find Rhu Bar events and offers

Leave the car at home, we have excellent Taxi Companies in Town who will whisk you to your chosen night spot with you worrying about driving home.

Flowers for a Loved One, we have top quality Florists in Town who will advise buyers about what is best at this time of Year, or maybe a pot plant that will last much longer. 

NB, there is every good reason to show your love for Mums, and Grandmums too, a lovely bunch of early Spring Flowers from the high street will be most welcome.

Don’t forget, Buy Local.

Chocolates are always welcome and are a great way to show love and appreciation to a loved one. We have some exceptional shops that specialise in boxes of chocolates, Belgian chocs, Swiss chocs, and all of our National brands. There is no need to break the bank, a nice box of chocolates and flowers will do the job perfectly well.

Gifts galore are available in your local shops with Petra Jewellery and The Secret Garden - Valentine Offer there's something for everyone however you are advised to buy early to be sure of finding that perfect gift that shows how much you care.


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