The Choice of an Optician in Basingstoke is Quite Clear
22nd May 2018
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Taking care of your eyes is a very personal and compelling part of life and having an optician that you are comfortable with because of their professionalism and customer care is too important to leave to chance.

What should we look for in an Optician?

Are they a conveyor – belt organisation that will treat you as just a number? Because our eyes are so important, and we rely on them so much surely it makes perfect sense to go to a professional company that has a local connection to the community? 

Why is eye health so important?

Many of us may have a condition that we may or may not be aware of. Peoples eye health can change with time and as they become older. By having regular eye tests such conditions can be picked up early and any appropriate treatment, or a prescription, organised to make a correction or to ensure that appropriate steps are taken without further delay. Monitoring of one's eye health is an ongoing process and a friendly call to remind you to call by for a checkup is the kind of service that makes all the difference.


Accessibility is important for all of us but for people with a special need for easy access, the location is more important. Being situated in a local shopping centre close to Town and with regular buses, and lots of free parking available is a great advantage. Clients can fit in their visit to the opticians with a spot of shopping and a coffee or some lunch with friends.

Buy Local,

By supporting the rich diversity of local business, we are ensuring its continued existence, too many high streets are look-alikes that have reduced choice and innovation. The Best of Basingstoke is dedicated to promoting Local is Best because it stimulates the local economy and creates inward investment and generates employment opportunities for local people, and it provides choice for local consumers.

Eye Examinations, the first line of defence,

Contact Lenses 

Sunglasses for Children safe ones that are fit for purpose – vital for young eyes, 

Sunglasses for Adults also very important, one's eyes are for life!

Beautiful frames to enhance your appearance and to your personal taste,

High-Quality Lenses your eyes deserve the best,

Sports eyewear vital for all sporting folks.

Find local opticians on thebestof Basingstoke

Buy the Best, Buy Local.


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