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1st March 2017
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If you want to get fitter, healthier, and just have fun at the same time, then there is no better exercise than swimming. We are lucky to live in the United Kingdom too. Most of us should never be more than a stone’s throw away from somewhere that we can go swimming!

There are several fitness benefits to swimming, many of which are going to be covered on this page. However, it is worth noting that if you do not know how to swim, it is never too late to learn. If you have not gone swimming in a while, then do so. Being a strong swimming is a fantastic skill. It is one of those rare skills which has the potential to save your life.

Low Stress on Body

Many people can’t work out via ‘traditional methods’ i.e. they can’t go out running for long periods of time. It is not good for their body. Swimming on the other hand, despite providing a better workout, actually places less stress on the body. This is because the water acts as a sort-of ‘support’ for your body. You are going to have a cushion around your body. This is one of only a few exercises out there which will not put a strain on your muscular system. 

Muscle Tone

If you are going for muscle tone, then swimming is the best cardiovascular exercise for you. This is due to the water resistance. In fact, the water resistance is very similar to light weights at the gym. However, instead of targeting just one muscle, you will be targeting most of your muscles at the same time. This makes it easier to get a nice, even tone.

Improving Your Breathing

A lot of ‘fitness’ is about improving your breathing. If you can get oxygen flowing around your body, then you will quickly discover that you are able to work out for longer periods of time without faltering. This means that you are going to get more benefit from your exercise. Remember; the benefits happen away from the swimming pool too. Better breathing means a healthier lifestyle. The breathing techniques that you learn while swimming can aid you in the gym or while doing other cardiovascular activities.

If you have asthma, then you may love swimming. Studies have shown time and time again that swimming can have a massive benefit on your asthma symptoms!

Burn a lot of calories

If you want to lose weight quickly, then swimming is the route you need to go down. With the standard breaststroke at a moderate pace, you should be losing 585 calories an hour on average. If you can muster up the skill to do the butterfly, then this takes you to 794 calories an hour. Yes, there are exercises out there which will burn more calories e.g. you can lose about 650 calories per hour cycling, but all of those will put immense stress on your body, which can make things difficult for some people. 

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