Spring - Boom Time For Gardeners
18th April 2016
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At last, springtime is here!

It’s time to get busy in the garden again: preparing the flower beds, sowing seeds, cutting back the shrubs, mowing the lawn and generally tidying up after a long, hard winter. Yes – there’s plenty of gardening tasks to do, right now...

If you do need a helping hand, why not consider employing a local gardener? There are plenty to choose from around Basingstoke and all are eager to work on making your garden look more beautiful this spring.

Right now there are more self-employed gardeners than ever before. In fact, gardening is one the more popular routes for people seeking self-employment. It’s a job role that’s generally always in demand in the local community too. (Actually, there are more self-employed workers in Britain now than ever, as people look for personal freedom and extra income in their retirement years. Basingstoke being no exception.)

Local trading seems to thrive on good word of mouth. So if you’re thinking of picking up the rake for a fee, then try and ensure that you do your best. People are more than willing to spread the message about your good work to their friends and family. More recommendations equal more work. Over time you may even be rushed off your feet during the big springtime demand, as the workload increases in your community.  As will your earnings, naturally.

Personally, I’ve done some part-time gardening myself. It’s a fairly straightforward way to make some extra cash on the side, as clients are more than willing to lend you the right tools for the job. Plus it’s a fabulous way to build ties in the community too – getting to know your neighbours better over a chat and a cup of tea.

Getting a little exercise outdoors gives me a big boost too. Being a home worker, spending hours on end in front of a computer screen can be a little depressing at times. I feel better outside doing some work on a garden. Sunshine and lawn mowers seems to raise my spirits!

 Of course, there are drawbacks to becoming a self-employed gardener. One problem is that work may be scarce during the long winter months. Also, severe weather may prevent you from carrying out gardening tasks and so leave you short of earnings.

Furthermore, self-employment may not be as appealing as you initially believe it is. To begin with, as a self-employed worker there’ll be no sick pay or holiday pay at all. This may pose difficulties if you have health issues or can’t work at a time suitable for your clients.

Another factor to bear in mind is the prospect of low pay.

Unfortunately, the self-employed will definitely miss out on last month’s pay increase in the minimum wage – a measure not applicable to sole traders such as self-employed gardeners.

Still, springtime is a boom time for gardeners looking for extra work. 

So why not support your local business traders and hire a self-employed gardener? In Basingstoke we have plenty of talented people who certainly know their way around the flower beds. 

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