Red Nose Day 2017
14th March 2017
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Comic relief started in 1985 with scriptwriter Richard Curtis and comedian Lenny Henry. The first Red Nose Day was broadcast in 1988 and there have been eight since, it happens every two years, and more than £250 million raised for the comic relief charities.

The idea of a Red Nose Day was thought up when the cast of the Young Ones got together with marketing executive Peter Crossing. it was Peter Crossing who picked up a pen and coloured his nose in red like a clown's nose. So that was the start and the source of the name too.

The red noses change from year to year and 2017 will have nine new noses.

Red Nose Day invites the whole nation to make a difference to the lives of the people across Africa and the UK by calling on the British public to fund raise.

Whether at home with friends and family or at work with colleagues, at school, or in a nursery. Fund raising can be through bake sales, sponsored silences, parties, karaoke, danceathon, dressing up, dressing down, wearing wellies for a week, an office full of Madonnas, challenge yourself silly and get sponsors.

There are many ways to donate and also buying special merchandise, such as wristbands, red nose characters, pin badges, soft toys, foldaway bags, snack pots and mugs are another.

The first Red Nose Day raised about £15 million, the money has been increasing year by year. The main supporters come through Sainsburys selling the official merchandise and the BBC live television show on Red Nose Day. Both donate all the monies to the comic relief charity.

If you would like to take part, go to the comic relief website for a fund raising kit and help make Red Nose Day a roaring success. Good Luck.

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