Pet Hates When Driving
17th August 2016
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We can look open-mouthed at the antics of some drivers on our roads. Can you remember the last time you had to take a second look and wonder what a driver is doing?

How about CLODs?

Centre Lane Only Drivers. Those drivers regardless of the traffic, or lack of it, stay driving in the centre lane throughout their journey on the motorway. Presumably members of CLRA (Centre Lane Residents Association).

Have you ever entered a car park to find the only space has been taken with a car straddled across two spaces?

You're travelling in your car down the road when the following car feels as if it is stuck to your bumper, not only unnerving but dangerous.

Then there is the driver who cuts across in front of your car and takes the exit or junction. Not indicating when turning off at a junction.

Texting whilst driving and making phone calls on a mobile phone without a handsfree set. While this is now illegal, how many times do you see it?

There are those who don't stop to let pedestrians waiting at a crossing cross the road. Also pedestrians actually on the crossing when cars drive round them so that they can keep moving, very scary.

Finally pot holes on the roads and birds mess on the car.

I'm sure there are many more to add to the list and you can probably think or numerous examples of most the items listed above.

Be aware and keep safe.

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