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14th June 2017
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When planning a wedding, it can be an exciting yet extremely stressful time. Of course, you want everything to be perfect and this often leads to the couple doing everything themselves. However, sometimes you need the help of a professional and this is something you can have with SJS Bridal Design. As you may have guessed, they are experts at everything relating to wedding dresses with a particular focus on alterations.

The Owner - With Sarah Jayne, you cannot question her commitment nor her experience after obtaining a BA (Hons) in fashion and textile design from Polytechnic. After qualifying, Sarah went on to open this superb shop where she now has a dress maker’s workroom in Basingstoke.

Services - Regardless of whether you bought your dress from a bridal boutique or high street shop, SJS Bridal Design can make any adjustments you require so you look perfect on the big day. Furthermore, they have experience with all types of materials and accessories including beads, lace, or even just a plain dress. No matter what style your dress may be, SJS Bridal Design should be your first call for any alterations you require.

With Sarah, you have someone with skills and experience which is the perfect combination considering this is what you will be wearing on the biggest day of your life. After first getting in contact, she will sit down with you to discuss exactly what it is you need. All things considered, Sarah can take your dress in, let it out, change the necklines, or even adjust the sleeves. Whatever you require, Sarah will work with you to get the job done and to get it done well.

Appointment - If you were interested in getting in contact with SJS Bridal Designs today, you can arrange the first appointment which will normally be a fitting. Lasting between 30-60 minutes, this fitting will allow you to discuss any concerns you have and any adjustment you see fit. From here, a second fitting might be arranged if the project is quite complex or they will discuss your options moving forward.

Either way, they will do all they can to meet your needs. Even if your request isn't quite possible, Sarah’s creative and talented mind is likely to come up with an alternative solution that will achieve the same result. With great reviews, you will certainly be in safe hands once you contact SJS Bridal Design. 

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