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26th February 2017
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Every year, thousands of people buy brand new cars. As the ingenious invention we use to get from one location to another, cars are pivotal in today’s world so it makes sense that we look after them. However, not many people realise that you can get repairs anywhere after having an accident or even just to fix a small scratch. Even for MOTs and servicing, many believe that they have to go through the manufacturer but this simply isn't the case. Not only is this time consuming, it is also more expensive.

Today, we have a great way that you can save money through this process and it involves MH Autos. Over the years, MH Autos has become a key cog in the Basingstoke wheel with their repair and servicing business. Whether your car is completely new or still has space for your favourite tape, MH Autos provide a superb service with workshop facilities as well as a mobile service.

For peace of mind and confidence in your repair or service, MH Autos has a guarantee to only source genuine parts that match or go above the quality of the original. Included in this list, they source from Fia, Lockheed, Luk, Bossell, Bosch, Delphi, Blue Point, Payne, Valeo, and Motoquip. Furthermore, they work closely with local suppliers which means that your repair or service will be quick and affordable - this is what we want from any service, right?

Warranty - When choosing a garage or repair service, there is a lot of confusion surrounding the warranty and whether or not it remains in place. In truth, the only difference in going to MH Autos and an official establishment from the car manufacturer will be the price. In terms of the warranty, this will not be affected in the slightest. 

In recent years, the service history has actually become less important because buyers know that local garages are just as good at sourcing high-quality parts and doing the job correctly. With this in mind, there is no reason why you should pay the inflated prices seen elsewhere. Bringing it back to the warranty, a manufacturer cannot reject or refuse the warranty in any way just because your car was serviced elsewhere. If you happen to claim, MH Autos would have provided you with the relevant paperwork anyway so this should remove all likelihood of problems occurring.

Services - So what exactly does MH Autos offer? Mainly, people like to choose the company for their repair and servicing service because they cover all makes, all models, and all ages. Additionally, they can help with welding, tuning, fitting exhausts, tyres, diagnostic checks, wheel alignment, pre MOTs, MOTs, timing belts, clutches, brakes, and shockers. What’s more, they even have a free collection and delivery service so you don’t need to worry about a thing when the repair day comes around.

If you’re looking for a professional and friendly repair and service company, MH Autos may just be the answer! 

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