Home Improvements That Will Enhance Your Living Space
3rd July 2018
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Home Improvements are best planned at this time of year because we have the whole of Spring and Summer in which to get the work done.

Because they are so integral to daily life the Kitchen and Bathroom are prime candidates for some TLC. 

Kitchens for many of us are the meeting place and the family hub where we pass en route to work or school and where meal preparations are conducted and in many cases where food is eaten. Upgrading the power supply and distribution is an important precaution as we tend to pile on appliances without considering the load we are placing on the systems that supply them. Safety first.

New Kitchen Appliances can be purchased, and many suppliers will be offering discounts to separate us from what is left of our cash, that does make this a good time to upgrade.

A completely New Kitchen makes good sense. Generally, designers will build in excellent design features that will make using the kitchen so much easier, and better looking for one's guests to see when they pop in. Many new kitchen layouts use state of the art lighting and extraction systems that also will improve the efficiency of the room and improve your living space. 

New Flooring can transform any kitchen with bright new clean lines and easy clean surfaces.

Kitchens and bathrooms are well known to sell houses, homeowners with an eye on selling and moving could do worse than install a nice new look to their major asset.


Moving the laundry function away from the kitchen is fashionable, it removes the risk of contamination and reduces congestion in one's food preparation space.

Bathrooms are the focus of some state of the art innovation. Where there is space Wet Rooms are very fashionable, however, for most of us the bathroom is not the largest room in one's house, so best use of the space is important.

Professional Bath Room Planners will work with you to plan the layout so as to fit in a nice bathroom suite and lighting to make the bathroom a delight to use and an asset should you decide to move on.

Spring and Summer are good seasons to replace carpets, whilst the weather is dry, hopefully. Removing used carpets and fitting new ones is so much easier when the weather is nice.

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