Hard Facts, Our Water is The Hardest in the Country!
1st October 2018
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It’s true, as most local people will relate the water in Basingstoke is hard! In easy terms when it rains the water runs over earths surfaces and as it goes it collects mineral deposits that pass into the water that we drink, in our domestic water plumbing and heating systems and industrial processes. The resultant deposits stick to the surface of anything that they come into contact with including the inside of one's family kettle, washing machine heating elements and industrial equipment where the white coating can cause a lot of damage if left in place. The water in Basingstoke has a calcium measure of 124 making it the worst in the United Kingdom.

Other than the effects of calcium deposits on our appliances hard water has an effect on personal washing and any other process for which we would like some foam and not just a ‘flat’ soapy scum.

Water softeners come in very useful, by filtering water through the salt contents most of the deposits are filtered out, there is a cost to the user in replacement salt etc but that is well worth the effort and very cost effective in regard to heating times and descaling charges etc. Some of our highly trusted local suppliers are well versed in dealing with hardness in water and appliances that will help.


Cosmetics Company Lush say that “Water catches ions of sodium, potassium, magnesium, and other minerals, which nourish the interior of our skin cells. Water from cosmetic products is absorbed by the skin and travels to the deeper layers. Softening the upper layers with emollient ingredients, such as cocoa butter, stops water from escaping out again.

A positive way to start the day is to re-energize with a shower. The negative ions in the moving water provide a feeling of energy. Shower products blend their water content with the other effective ingredients we use, to create a softening, cleansing effect on skin and hair.

Water is often the first item on a Quantitative Ingredients list, and it is sometimes thought of as the 'profit margin' for a product. Lush is an expert at making products that do not contain water and has created many innovations (solid shampoo, conditioners and bubble bars). Fresh face masks involve controlling water content to establish microbiological quality, therefore, it is very difficult to formulate a product without it”.

Lush Cosmetics offer specialised products designed for Bath and Shower, Face, Body, Hair, plus a range of other beauty items.

Hard water is a hard fact in Basingstoke and District but with some simple strategies, it is possible to manage the problem with readily available solutions.

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