Fyffes Bananas Have a Passion for Fruit
30th August 2018
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Bananas are amongst the top ten favourite fruits in Britain, many of us exchange breakfast or lunch for a banana because they are healthy, tasty, chock full of slow-burn energy, and there is almost no fat on a banana. Our love of the banana is thanks largely to Fyffes who have been bringing fruit into Britain for generations. Exotic fruit that is now commonplace in fruit bowls throughout the UK include Pineapples and Melons due to Fyffes. 

Fyffes, based in Dublin, is primarily involved in the production, procurement, shipping, ripening, distribution and marketing of bananas, pineapples and melons. Fyffes currently markets fruit in Europe and the United States, primarily under the Fyffes and Turbana brands

Fyffes Plc is the No 1 importer of bananas and the leading marketer of organic and Fairtrade bananas to Europe and holds similar status for the import of Super Sweet Pineapples and Winter Season Melons to grace one’s dining table.

Fyffes Basingstoke, has 14 new Banana Ripening Rooms, ripening an additional 756 tonnes of bananas per cycle, the full site capacity has been increased to a total of 2148 tonnes per cycle. The Company takes a keen interest in ensuring that its facilities are energy efficient to maintain an environmentally efficient profile.

Fyffes Plc employs more than 6,000 people across 12 Countries with their people working wherever there are bananas, pineapples or melons.

Fyffes has traded with certain grower’s groups in Central and South America for more than 50 years and has built strong long-term relationships with growers and their communities.

The Company has built a solid partnership working with local people to carry their produce to markets that span the globe. Currently, Fyffes are now engaged in numerous partnerships with local groups and community development.

How good are bananas for you?

Bananas are 70% water meaning they are a good source of hydration, they are rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals and provide a slow release of energy – which is why many of our sporting heroes eat bananas during training and matches. Bananas provide an outstanding supply of fuel for children, teenagers – just buy plenty of them, adults and seniors, and they have the ability to make us feel happy, chilled out and relaxed. At about 90 calories per 30g, bananas are exceptionally good food as part of a healthy eating routine, the average banana possesses about 20g Carbohydrate value.

Next time you go shopping, please buy locally in the high street, look for the familiar Blue Label that says these are Fyffes bananas, ask your greengrocer to weigh a bunch of bananas for you they will bring a taste of the sun into your home. Enjoy!

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