Friday 13th
13th January 2017
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What does Friday 13th mean to you? Possibly nothing special, but some people do experience a real fear of Friday 13th - Paraskavedekatriaphobia.

Likely to have started from a single traumatic event. People with this fear don't step outside their front door and will get a day off work to stay at home. In some parts of the world millions of dollars are lost where people don't turn up for work on Friday 13th.

The infamy of Friday 13th has been around for thousands of years starting with a nordic myth and the 13 people around Jesus' table, thirteen was an unlucky number for Judas. With a result of people living in complete fear of being hurt or a notorious day of dread, expecting to have a car accident on the way to work. A serious fear but illogical.

The movies haven't helped people with this phobia. A series of horror movies have been released specific to the date. October being the next "Friday 13th 2017, reboot" 

There are therapists who can benefit people with this phobia, but they need to want to be free of it.

The day after Friday 13th it's back to normal. Just as if nothing has happened.

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