Formula 1 in Basingstoke
12th December 2011
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Robert Mays School in Odiham is looking for sponsorship at this years regional, national and hopefully World F1 Schools National Finals. The Robert Mays team is called Rush and is a team of highly dedicated students, many of whom have been hand picked because of their success in previous teams that have competed at both National and World level - giving them an invaluable insight into the competition and an advantage over other teams.

The object of the competition is to design, make and race model F1 cars and provide the sponsorship and marketing to go along with it. To be successful you must not only design a fast car but build a successful team identity, brand and image.
The team is handpicked to ensure that the appropriate skills are represented and that everyone can work well optimise the chance of success.

For over eight years Robert Mayâs School has competed in F1 in Schools and Rush is an accumulation of all that experience and knowledge. 

F1 in Schools Ltd is a not-for-profit company established to provide an exciting yet challenging educational experience through the magnetic appeal of Formula One.  F1 in Schools is rapidly realising its potential of becoming the only truly global educational programme that raises awareness of Formula One among students and school children in every region, in every country, on every continent. It is now recognized as the Worlds largest STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) competition.

40 Countries...    9 Million Students ...   1 experience of a lifetime

F1 in schools is a global challenge for children aged 11-19.  The competition is split into two age groups- Bloodhound (11-14) and F1 class (14-19) and everyone in the team has a specific role and set of tasks. The team prepares a business plan, develops a budget and raises sponsorship.

Using 3D Computer Aided Design software, the team designs a Formula One car.  The aerodynamics are tested in wind and smoke tunnels then the final designs are manufactured on our precision CNC machines. The teams then travel to a venue to compete to be the winner. The competition consists of formal presentations, engineering and pit-side interviews, marketing portfolio inspections and of course lots of racing.

Robert Mayâs School has a long and successful history in the competition. In the past five years they have won 17 trophies including the fastest car in the UK trophy (four times) and theyâre getting better! This year alone another 6 awards have been added to the schools collection.

In 2008 Team from Robert Mays, became UK National Champions and went on to compete successfully at the World Championships. Just last September team Solstice became the UK Bloodhound champions and went to compete in the 2011 World Finals in Kuala Lumpur - coming away with the 6th fastest car in the World!

Much of what Rush is doing now is working on the success of their previous school teams and learning from their efforts, allowing them to compete at a much higher standard. Over the eight years the school has been competing they have not only learnt a lot about the design and manufacture but have also gained a greater understanding  about marketing and promoting a strong team image . Last year the school won the Best Sponsorship and Marketing award at both the Regionals and Nationals for the first time. 
Robert Mays team, Rush, are constantly improving but  need your help to reach the top.

Everybody wins with sponsorship!

Katy Edwards says:

"F1 in schools is not only a well established global competition but it has a huge profile in the world of F1. Many links have already been made between the competition and the top F1 teams and they are very much involved and supportive of the competition.
There is also scope for large amounts of media attention both at the competition and after. At the competition there are thousands of children, teachers and engineers from all around the country who are all taking specific interest at all the stands, marketing and display as well as the car, all of which are branded with the sponsorâs logos.
There is also a lot of media attention and the competition often features in all the local newspapers, websites and even the radio. Photos of the team in uniform complete with sponsorâs logos regularly make it to the papers.  Everything that advertises us, advertises you. You could be sponsoring the next world champions!
And for us? By sponsoring us you are providing us with a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will not only further our education but the education of others who follow, learning from us as we did those before us. You are also helping us to achieve our full potential in a truly unique competition.
We would really like to have you as a sponsor and see your logo next to ours. We believe that together we could win the World Championships â and have a lot of fun at the same time. We would be very happy to come and visit to discuss the challenge further or you could come to one of our meetings at school.

Thank you very much for your time and we hope to be in contact soon."

Katy Edwards
Marketing Manager, Rush

If you would like to get involved with us and the F1 in schools challenge, then please contact us through our teacher:

Mr. Philip Cain                                
Tel: 01256 702700                   

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