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1st October 2018
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When it comes to our cars, we take great pride in keeping them serviced and in a healthy condition moving forward. However, what about our own health? When is that particular MOT due? Every year, millions of people go through twelve months without seeing a dentist or an optician so we would like to welcome Chineham Opticians to ‘The Best Of’ and help you get at least one of the two done this year.

Located in Chineham shopping centre, they have a friendly team in place with professional and, of course, qualified staff. Whether you need an eye test, new glasses, sunglasses, or anything else, the whole family can make a trip to Chineham Opticians since they are open for most of the week.

First founded in 2012, they have five years of experience in Basingstoke and are now known for their high levels of customer service. Not only do they have supreme services that sit above the competition, they also boast superb products to ensure that you are in the best position whether it is for yourself or your children. To make an appointment, you can contact them via email, phone, or in person today! 

Initially, you might be wondering just how many products and services an optician can offer but you never realize how important their role is within society until you require their help. Ultimately, the most popular service is a simple examination but they can also help with contact lenses, top brand frames, sunglasses for both adults and kids, HOYA - Blue Control, any changes to your lenses or glasses, and more. 

Why Visit the Optician? - Whenever the topic of opticians arises, the immediate response seems to be ‘but my eyesight is fine’. However, this doesn’t mean you should be avoiding an appointment. At times, your teeth also feel fine but the point of a dentist checkup is to pick up on any holes or problems that will get worse in the future. As they say, prevention is always better than the cure so visiting the optician on a regular basis ensures that any potential problems are noted as early as possible.

Through your eyes, you can be screened for cataracts, high blood pressure, diabetes, peripheral vision anomalies, and glaucoma; as you can see, it can be surprising just how much information your eyes give away. Furthermore, you can tell a specialist if you have been experiencing dry or itchy eyes or if you’ve been getting regular headaches after using the computer. Whatever it may be, only the professionals can really help.

Why Choose Chineham Opticians? - Out of all the opticians in Basingstoke, you might be wondering why you shouldn't go to one of the bigger names but Chineham Opticians offer a personalised service with an extremely friendly team. Additionally, they boast some of the newest technology within the industry so you can be sure of a high-quality service. Rather than treating you like everyone else, your service will be tailored to your needs. With these key skills, coupled with their experience, you can ensure that your eyes will remain healthy for some time to come! 

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