Car body Repairs and Finding a Trusted Repair Garage
3rd July 2018
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Acquiring a dent is relatively simple with our crowded roads and car parks with small spaces per car, plus errant shopping trolleys causing damage inadvertently (or not). It is a legal requirement to maintain the bodywork of a vehicle in a safe and roadworthy condition and a great deal depends upon the extent of the damage and how it was inflicted.

Substantial bodywork damage may be caused by road traffic accidents in which case one or another's insurance will usually cover the cost of repairs. In this case, the insurance company will determine which repair garage will conduct repairs and supply a loan vehicle etc as required.

Vehicle damage that is not covered by an insurance policy because it is less serious, not covered because of an insurance excess, or was done by someone else who failed notify you of the collision will need to be done by a good quality repair shop to restore the vehicle to its original condition, keep it legally compliant, and to ensure that a professional result is achieved.

So, who to turn to?

Garages and bodywork repair shops showing the VBRA logo are trusted organisations. The VBRA is the Trade Association set up to monitor and ensure the highest standards of its members. Membership of this body means that the Company is registered and therefore bound by the rules that have been put in place to ensure their compliance with the standards to which they signed up.

Motorists and commercial vehicle owners who are not sure who is registered and who is not can find out more, including local trusted and recommended body shops in their area are advised to go online to where they can research the listings.

Very small scuffs and bumps, supermarket trolley damage, and small-scale bodywork damage may look small but to be sure of your safety and to maintain the sale value of your vehicle it is wise to have them professionally dealt with, not only will the repair be invisible to the naked eye, but your car or van will look like new.

Pre - Winter is a very good time to be having bodywork repairs done. Chips and dents can let water into the coating allowing deterioration and rust. With the heavy use of aggressive salt on the wintery road surfaces minor damage can soon become more serious – and more costly to repair. Because bodywork is such a major aspect of everyday vehicle use, it makes sense to maintain it in excellent condition thereby avoiding expensive repairs in the long run, and your car or van will be much safer in the process.

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