Benefits of Having a Google 360º Tour for Your Business
5th September 2016
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With advances in technology in recent years, there are now more ways than ever before to advertise your business. From web adverts to email marketing, the opportunities are endless. However, one of the most popular choices of late is Google’s 360 tour feature and it isn't hard to see why.

For those who are unaware, this new service from Google allows specific photos and a 360 degree tour to be linked with your business in order to benefit the customers. When completed, anyone around the world will be able to take a 360 degree tour of your office, cafe, restaurant, hotel, or whatever it may be. Let’s take a look into exactly why this is such a good option.

‘Show’ Rather Than ‘Tell’ - For many years, we have been reading descriptions of businesses; when this happens, it is the business telling the reader everything they need to know. However, a 360 tour allows you to show your business off so they can make a judgement for themselves. With text-only, a lot of trust has to go into a stranger because they have to believe your word but this Google feature removes this.

The Stats Don’t Lie - When it comes down to it, the stats are impressive and the feature has already helped numerous businesses. For example, restaurants/hotels are TWICE as likely to get a booking if they have a tour in place. Furthermore, around 67% of internet users want businesses to have virtual tours.

Additionally, your result will also show higher up on Google because you are complying to one of their suggestions. The more Google features you use for your business, the higher on the results you will show and customers will also be able to see your building from the outset. When you type a location on Google, you get a list of text results as well as a number of pictures so when people type your business name into Google, they will see your website next to pictures and the virtual tour taking up most of the screen.

It’s Simple- Finally, this sounds as though it would be a long, drawn-out, expensive process but these are all misconceptions. Google has a number of trusted partners all around the world, including Miint Image here in Basingstoke, who deliver high-quality images as well as virtual tours for an affordable price. Regardless of what industry you operate in, it is a fantastic way to gain a little exposure not only to the people in your area but also in a wider field.

In truth, virtual tours are a superb addition to Google and it looks as though they are here to stay for quite some time to come. Why not beat off the competition by becoming the first to offer a convenient and high-quality method of viewing your business?

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