5G a new frontier in mobile communications
22nd October 2018
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One the biggest disruptions we will ever see is underway. It will change our world like never before creating opportunities and possibilities that will touch all our lives and affect the economies of countries all around the globe. This disruption is the anytime, anywhere connectivity brought about by the 5G revolution and the digital economies it enables.

Digitalised economies deliver increases in productivity, efficiency and global scale that have far reaching effects for society, employment and GDP. Indeed, adoption of digital technologies is now the single most significant factor affecting economic growth and global competitiveness, consequently countries that embrace digitalisation will achieve significant advantages over those that don’t and infrastructure is without doubt a key enabler. 

Building ubiquitous infrastructure is therefore paramount and the rapid growth of smart technology requires that future infrastructure have mobile at its core and this is precisely what 5G will deliver. Companies too must embrace the digital and mobile revolution or face being left behind by faster, more agile competitors. 

Research by BCG/GSMA Association shows that leaders in mobile adoption outpaced revenue growth by a factor of two and added jobs eight times more quickly than those who were slow to adapt. This is a situation that cannot be sustained for long and will ultimately see companies that fail to adapt go to the wall.

But what will the future mobile infrastructure look like?

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