3 Reasons Experiences are Better than Gifts
11th December 2017
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For many people, this time of year which should be filled with joy and happiness, is filled rather with anxiety and turmoil as they shop for the elusive "perfect gift".

What do you buy for the person who already has everything?

What can you get for the person short on space?

Finding unique and memorable gifts while traversing chaotic town centres can drive anyone to drink (or maybe that's not a bad thing.... hic...but not the point of this article...).

What if you decide that THIS YEAR you wont be adding to the chaos? You won't add to the overwhelm; and your gift won't end up forgotten on a shelf or at the back of a cupboard somewhere.

The solution is to give experiences rather than gifts. Here are 3 great reasons why:

1: Research suggests that "people enjoy greater well-being from life experiences and consider them to be a better use of money" (source)

2: When we get what we "want" we then want something else. We are bombarded with adverts for new and more exciting products, that no sooner have we got that shiny new fill-in-the-blank then a newer, shinier version is released causing us to chase after that. Psychologists call it the Hedonic Treadmill (source)

3: Experiences give longer-lasting happiness.  Opening a box of cholcolates or getting a new pair of socks may give an instant hit of pleasure (ok, probably not the socks!) but nothing beats the memories of an experience. 

What experiences can you arrange for your loved ones this year?


If your children already have enough toys and gadgets an ideal gift experience for them could be membership to Saturday Art Club. Gift vouchers are now available.


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