Will I be able to compose myself on Friday?
15th July 2010
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My son who is almost 4 is leaving playschool, he has a presentation on his last day which is Friday.  I’ve been through a presentation day before with my daughter (just ending year 1) and I remember needing a box of tissues then.  No more back and forth to the playschool for me. 

I remember sniffling into my tissues when my eldest left playschool and then sobbing as she started school.  Now I am going through it again with my son. 

I thought she looked too young to be starting school and she was going to be turning 5 in the December, my son is far too young (but is ready) as he is turning 4 on 6 August so he will be 4 and one month!

In one way I am looking forward to not going back and forth to the playschool but also I will be sad that I will not be returning there again.  I cannot praise St John’s Preschool in Langdon Hills enough.  The staff are brilliant and their system is fantastic.  My son struggled settling into playschool, he doesn’t like change and the staff not only helped him but also me. 

The school my daughter is at is Great Berry, and again I think it is a truly fantastic school.  The teachers I know and the Head Teacher are for the children entirely, I think Mrs Pipe the head does a brilliant job.  The school holds coffee morning workshops for us mums (and dads), I’ve gone along to all these as they have given me a huge insight into how the school operates and how they teach the children. 

So on Friday will I be crying even more than I did two years ago?  Not sure on this one, I’ll just make sure I have plenty of tissues at hand. 



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