Why is buying the correct Workwear important?
5th October 2016
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When it comes to Workwear we all have to purchase it but do you know the actual reason why you should but the correct Workwear? Well in this article we will be explaining why you should always wear the correct Workwear and PPE around the workplace, as well as the best place to buy Work Trousers and other work clothes in the UK.


Why is Workwear important?

Workwear is a type of clothing that is usually linked with the PPE market, also known as Personal Protective Equipment. PPE is a type of protective equipment that is designed to protect areas such as the eyes, ears, head, lungs, arms, body and feet. It covers products such as hard hats, work trousers, high visibility clothing, safety harnesses, flame retardant clothing and much more.

Without knowing it you may have been wearing PPE all this time, well something you also not know is that PPE is law within the UK. The Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2002 and the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 (as amended) give the main requirements for the laws, and clearly state that all employees must wear the correct Personal Protective Equipment in the workplace. In these regulations it also stated that all employers must provide PPE to their employees free of charge, this means there will not be cost issued to the employee or taken from their wages for this equipment. Within the same law it also mentions that the employer must not simple provide but show clearly where the equipment is available and must maintain the equipment if in use by more than one member of staff.

Now you understand the use and the law, you may still be wondering why I should get the correct equipment, well in short because it can save your life. The PPE industry have been carefully created because of the need of protecting users at work, this equipment is designed to protect you in a certain way described on its features list. Selecting an item that is intended for another use can cause the product to become ineffective and stop it from working correctly.


Where can I buy Workwear like Work Trousers locally?

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