What To Do For Fireworks Night?!
29th October 2010
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There's Fireworks EVERYWHERE!


Fireworks are the best thing in the world, ok that’s just my opinion but I do think they are quite high up on the list. They are pretty, loud and bring everyone together to watch. The kids are entertained, the parents can chat to others and generally everyone has a good time. I think I get so excited for fireworks night because my mother absolutely hates it! Therefore, human nature means I love them. I haven’t quite decided where to go yet as I like to try something new every year which doesn't always go well as you can imagine. Here are the two I've been looking at which sound fun and are local which means if it gets too cold I run in and get a jumper!


Fireworks at Lords Country Club in Rayleigh, with a BBQ, bar, restaurant and even toffee apples! Click here to have a look...

Firework Night at Gloucester Park every penny is going to charity so go along, enjoy yourself and do you've good deed of the day! Also they have an admission policy which means if anyone is acting like a . . . plonka they will be asked to leave therefore making it a nice environment for everyone. Click here to find out more...


If anyone knows of any other fireworks events going on in Basildon that sound fun then let me know!!


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