What Skip Size Do You Need?
30th November 2018
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What Size Skip Do You Need?

When it comes to skip hire, a question most commonly asked is “what size skip to I need?” Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete newbie to the world of skip hire, it can sometimes be difficult to tell not only how much waste you’re going to produce but how big a skip you’ll need to contain it all.


Hire a skip that’s too small and you risk added cost when you inevitable need to hire another. Hire a skip that’s too big however and you’ll find yourself out of pocket as you paid more for a larger skip that wasn’t needed. There’s also the risk of hiring a skip that’s too small and finding yourself overfilling it.


This will result in having the skip collection refused on the grounds of safety and you once again, having to pay for another small skip. You’ll also need to take into consideration where you’ll be placing the skip upon delivery. Do you have a large enough space for the skip you’re looking at?


Could you encounter access and egress problems if you hired a skip of a certain size? Just like Goldilocks found her perfect bowl of porridge, we want to help you find your perfect size skip. Skip sizes are generally categorised by cubic yards but today we’re going to break it down into categories known as ‘Mini’, ‘Midi’, ‘Small’, ‘Large’ and ‘Maxi’.


Mini Skips

Our 2 and 3 yard skips are both categorised as Mini skips. These are the smallest skips available in our fleet and are the ideal size for domestic jobs such as clearing out the garden, small DIY jobs in the house and shed. Small room clear outs would also be catered for with our 3 yard skip.

If you’re looking to get rid of larger, more bulkier items however, then a mini skip probably isn’t for you. To make it easier to understand, consider it in bin bags. 2 and 3 yard skips have the potential to hold between 25 and 30 bin bags worth of rubbish.


Midi Skips

Midi skips are the next step up in our fleet of skips. Within this category are 4 and 5 yard skips. Otherwise known as 4 and 5 tonne skips, they hold a larger amount of waste. Midi skips are commonly used for larger clearance jobs or for those who have those bulkier items we were discussing earlier.

From small sofas to doors and other random items of furniture, the midi skip is able to cater to this need. Once again, equating the waste to a number of bin bags, you’re looking at around 40 to 50 bin bags worth of waste. If you’re looking to start clearing out an entire kitchen or digging out footings for instance, then the midi skip may not be the best option. In this case, you’d want to step up to a small skip.


Small Skips

Small skips offer the capacity to remove between 6 and 7 cubic yards of waste. These are more commonly used for tradesmen and medium sized builders. They are used at domestic jobs however, it’s usually for larger scale renovations. From entire kitchen remodels to landscaping the garden; these small sized skips are the perfect option.

To give you a better idea of just how much they can hold, think of around 60 to 70 bin bags worth of waste. That’s a huge amount of waste. Would your renovation works need that sized skip? Too big? Or perhaps you’re looking for a construction site? Too small? Then you’d most certainly need to step it up to a large skip.


Large Skips

Our large skips come in 8 and 10 yard skips. They’re ideal for builders and tradesmen at mid to high level jobs as they both have such a large capacity for waste. They hold around 75 to 100 bin bags of waste. From industrial construction sites to large home extensions, our large skips are ideal.

They’ll even hold a three piece suite should you need them to. It may be the case that you don’t have a lot of renovation works but have a number of bulkier items to get rid of? Large skips would be ideal in this instance. If large skips still don’t quite offer you enough, then a maxi skip is for you.


Maxi Skips

Maxi skips, or 12 yard maxi skips as they’re otherwise known are quite simply, huge. Whether you’re digging out a large area for foundations to a house, or building a house from scratch, a maxi skip would be the perfect skip to cater to your waste removal needs.

Because of their size, most maxi skips will feature a drop down door simply for ease of loading. The 12 yard skip has a huge capacity at a whopping 120 bin bags and as such, it has high sides too. That drop down door will come in handy for sure. These skips are once again, more commonly used by builders and tradesmen on very large scale jobs.



Still Unsure About What Size Skip You Need? Contact Mackers Today

Making sure you pick the right size skip is imperative. Not only could it hinder your ability to carry on with the work you need to get done but it could cost you more then you need to spend. If you’re still unsure as to what skip size you need, simply contact us at Mackers today.

We’ve been supplying skip hire in Basildon for a number of years and have the knowledge and expertise to offer the right advice and guidance. We’ll be happy to chat over the phone, discuss the job you have in front of you and advise on the right size of skip accordingly. For more information, call today on 01268 418533.

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