Towngate Theatre, What a Night!
24th September 2010
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Towngate Theatre is a lovely place to spend the evening. Only a five minute walk from the station, which is handy if you’re drinking, surrounded by shops, pubs and restaurants (that’s if you get past the two bars that are inside). The Theatre is holding so many exciting shows in the months to come but under near enough every one is "one night only" which means it's time to make the decision, a night in watching Eastenders or see Derek Acorah talk to the dead? Hmm……


Ok, like most people I have my evening routine, dinner, bath, telly, read my book and bed but I may just have to give all that fun up for a night to see one of these one off shows. One that really grabbed my attention was the comedy night with Roy 'Chubby' Brown. Even the picture of the guy makes me giggle! Click here to see the picture and find out more about the night.


Of course the night with Derek Acorah is one not to miss, after being a fan of his recent television programme 'Real Lives' I don't think anything could stop me from going. Derek has been quoted "undoubtedly the UK’s No.1 Spirit Medium" on numerous occasions. Click here to find out more about Derek's night of mystery.


I think I’ve made my decision, I'm going to have to mess up my routine; it's time for some fun. That is if I can be pulled away from the bar before the show starts of course. If you want more information on any of the evening's going on in the Towngate Theatre then click here.


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