The Snow,Modern communications and Schools
18th December 2009
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Well, I wake up this morning to that picture postcard image of fresh snow fall. The kids were really excited as you would imagine.

After the initial euphoria as a parent, my thoughts turned to is the school going to be open?

My partner Suzanne got a text from a friend saying someone had walked past the school and it had got a sign up saying it would be closed for the day. So that was it - word had spread throughout the parents by the power of modern communication, the text message!  So it had to be true, didn't it!!

Now at the time I was listening to the radio and Great Berry School had not been mentioned as one of the schools that had been closed, so I thought this to be quite strange.

To cut a long story short, a rumor which had been virally spread within minutes to probably two thirds of the parents turned out to be false...

Now that got me thinking, there's defintely a connection and more importantly a massive power force behind everything we now do and it's called modern communications whether this is the humble landline phone, mobile phone or the internet, Facebook and Twitter especially. They play a significant part in our daily lives whether we want them to or not, it can't be stopped.

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