‘Summer School’ Could Help Reduce Exam Stress For 11-Year-Olds, Say Basildon’s Kip McGrath Tutors
7th June 2012
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Exams are enough to send even the most relaxed of teenagers into panic-mode, even when they’re well-prepared. However, recent changes to the 11+ exam dates have made it even more important for youngsters to make sure they are up to speed with the syllabus and set some time aside to revise this summer.

The Eleven plus test is a test given to pupils in their last year of primary school (year 6 in England) and is often used as a means to determine whether that pupil is suited to a grammar school education.

The exam has recently been brought forward from November to September which means pupils will have less term time than previously to get ready. The Kip McGrath Education Centre in Basildon, which offers extra tuition to children to deal with English and Mathematics whether SATS, 11+ or GCSE, is running a summer school specially-designed for 11+ pupils to ensure the syllabus is still fresh in their minds during the holidays. Parents can choose any number of lessons throughout August or block book a number of sessions the week before their child starts back at school to give them the best possible chance of success. 

Breggie Rautenbach, director of Basildon’s Kip McGrath Education Centre, said: “Extra lessons will help to keep their brains active during the summer so they don’t forget what they have learnt in July. We find it helps the children when they go back to school and ensure that they don’t struggle. Usually children sitting the 11+ have three months to prepare when they go back to school, this year they will only have a few weeks. 

“We help refresh their memory on the syllabus and ensure they are familiar with what the papers will look like. It helps them deal with the pressure and they find it a lot easier.”   

The Kip McGrath education programme was established in 1974 and now has centres worldwide offering a range of tutoring services. 

The tuition is available for youngsters from the age of four to 18 whatever their level of competence and knowledge and helps children who find academic subjects challenging as well as those who wish to push their Gifted and Talented potential to the limit. 

The Basildon Kip McGrath Education Centre runs 80-minute tutoring sessions from its centre in Pitsea for students from Basildon, Wickford, Benfleet and Rayleigh, and covers a range of activities including textbooks, worksheets and software material. The centre only employs qualified tutors and assesses all pupils to identify their academic requirements so it can deliver the best possible techniques for learning.

For a free assessment or to find out more information about the 11+ summer school call 01268 556700 or click here.


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