Stop That Racket!
8th October 2010
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Stop That Racket!

I have a younger brother and lately he has been really getting into all his instruments, he's decided his new ambition is to bed in a band. Well I don't have the heart to tell him he does not have a chance in hell with the way he play's his instruments!

Could it get any worse!

Well just as I think it is not possible for me to have any less sleep and have an even worse head ache, it happened, my mother bought him a drum kit..

I know not the best idea in the world for a 10 year old that thinks he's a rock star and cries if he can't play all through the night. I honestly do not know what is worse, the drums or his crying!  

What to do?

After a week of next to no sleep I decided something had to be done! I just wasn't sure what. That's when it hit me if he learns to play them properly I may just be able to survive with my ear drums in tact! So as soon as I got in I had a look on the internet and straight away thebestof Basildon brought up Cheekychops Drum Tuition. It's for all ages and Marc who runs it is in a band himself, as soon as my little brother knows that he'll be hanging on his every word! Click here to know more about the band.

before I decided to sign him up I saw that they have gift vouchers available and as Christmas is coming up I couldn’t think of anything more perfect (if I and the drum kit make it until then). Well I hope he likes it, to find out more on Cheekychops Drum Tuition and the offers available click here

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