Springtime's Officially Here
23rd March 2010
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Springtime is here

Even though the clocks change this coming Sunday, 26 March 2010, the actual first day of Spring was 20 March so officially Spring is upon us. 

How to remember the clocks go forward, Spring Forward. 

The brighter weather is certainly here and let’s hope it remains and becomes warmer and we get a fantastic Summer. 


All the Spring flowers are now starting to bloom which is a sure sign Spring is officially here.

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) 

For people suffering with SAD let’s hope it is behind them now with the lighter evenings here which will remain even lighter for longer as from Sunday.

If you would like more information on SAD, click here.

I have a question for you….

I have two friends, one has their birthday on 21 June – the longest day of the year and another friend on 21 December – the shortest day of the year.

Which day is the better day, all depends how you look at it?

Here’s my scenario

December 21 – it’s the shortest day so less daylight, but on a positive we now have the longer evenings ahead of us which is fantastic

June 21 – it’s the longest day of the year and what a fab day to have a birthday because of the lovely long evening, but on the down side the days’ will now become shorter

After 21 December we gain 2.5 minutes per day of sunlight that’s a massive 17.5 minutes per week!

What day would you prefer to have your birthday on either 21 December or 21 June? 

Click here for info about 21 December.

Click here for info about 21 June.





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