Sponsorship needed for Broomfield Youth Football U18s
19th September 2011
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My name is Daniel Dunbar. I have recently taken over the running of Broomfield Youth Football U18 in the Colchester and District Youth League. 


We have got together a great new squad and we are looking for a new sponsor for our team. 


Would you be interested in sponsorship.  


We intend on buying the boys a rain coat each, totally roughly £450. We intend on getting the rain coats printed with Broomfield Youth FC on the back and then the sponsor on the front of them. 


The boys and myself will be playing a lot within the Essex area, this is then fantastic exposure for the sponsor company with brand awareness.  


If you would like further information or would like to sponsor our football club, then please contact on 07584671328 or email me at daniel.dunbar2@googlemail.com.  The boys and I would very much appreciate your help.


Daniel Dunbar and all the boys from U18 at Broomfield Youth FC

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