Quality Quartz Worktops In Essex
22nd November 2018
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Quartz is one of the most popular materials for kitchen worktops and for good reason too. The benefits of such a hard wearing material are far greater than most realise. Here’s a run down of the top five benefits you get to enjoy with a quartz worktop in your kitchen. 

Benefits Of Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Non-Porous Countertops

 Quartz may be man-made but it’s still one of the toughest materials around. One of its most popular qualities is the fact that it’s non-porous. Being non-porous also means it’s stain resistant. This makes it ideal for kitchen areas where spillages are common place. From food to drink to cleaning liquid, a quartz kitchen worktop will fight off the very worst and resist staining. This makes it perfect in the family home especially.

 Colour Consistent Quartz

Unlike materials such as granite, the quartz kitchen worktops we provide in Essex offer a great deal of colour consistency. Unlike completely natural stones, quartz can be manufactured and designed to your chosen colour and pattern. With natural stones, you may notice a little difference in terms of colour depth etc. The colour consistency of quartz however, is far superior to that of a natural stone. No faults, no colour discrepancies and more pleasing to the eye for some.

Heat Resistance Worktops

As well as being non-porous, the quartz worktops in Essex are also heat resistant. Quartz can tolerate extreme heats, providing it doesn’t exceed a certain temperature or period of time. While your worktop wouldn’t survive a freshly boiled pan left on top of it, it would easily resist damage should you accidently place your pan down and remove. Accidents happen in kitchens but with a quartz worktop, you’ll find no evidence remains. Don’t forget to use those heat pads just in case though.


Maintenance Free Kitchen Worktops

While some worktops, such as granite worktops, are fairly low maintenance, quartz worktops are virtually maintenance free. No need to seal it annually, just a regular wipe down with cloth and warm, soapy water. This will save you time and money in the future making it the perfect hassle-free option.

 Hygienic Worktops

Being non-porous, this means that not only will our worktops resist stains but they’ll also resist harbouring bacteria. This means no bacteria growth on the surface of your quartz worktops. That’s a huge bonus for your kitchen and of course, your family members as that’s where you’ll be preparing food. Ensuring it’s hygienic is paramount.

  Quartz Worktops In Essex

As you can see, the benefits of quartz go far beyond looking great. Quartz worktops perform as well as they look, so whether you’re planning an entire remodel, a renovation or simply looking to update your kitchen as it is, our quartz worktops here in Essex could be just the ticket. For more information, contact The Only Way Is Granite  today on 01277 800 023.


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