Interesting Facts About Fireworks Night!
3rd November 2010
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Facts You Never Knew About Fireworks Night!


As Fireworks Night is upon us I did some research on the night and found some odd and fascinating facts I bet you never knew!


First of all did you know fireworks were first invented in China over 2000 years ago! The first fireworks were actually made out of green bamboo which when set on fire make a loud cracking sound. 90% of fireworks sold in England STILL originate from China


At first fireworks were only orange and white until some Italian scientists created ways of making new colours by adding different salts.


The hardest colour firework to create is blue.


The word firework in Japanese means “Fire-flower” which makes sense as they do look like rather odd flowers.


A sparkler burns at a temperature over 15 times that of boiling water! So remember to wear gloves!


The first recorded fireworks in England were at King Henry VII’s Wedding.


The world record for the most fireworks in England was in 1997 at the Battle of Flowers Parade on Jersey where 39,210 rockets were launched at the press on 1 button!


Scientist today are trying to make fireworks that spell out words in the sky! That just shows how far we have come since the bamboo stages!


There are loads of cool and interesting facts about fireworks night let me know if you know of any!

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