How quickly can my car be fixed? Basildon’s Newbridge Accident Repair reveals what to expect when you book your car into a repair garage.
1st February 2013
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Car accident repair has its peaks and troughs in demand, like all businesses, and this will impact on how quickly car mechanics can tend to your damaged vehicle. However, experienced and long-standing accident repair garages will employ an efficient system for booking in new jobs which means customers are rarely waiting long before their vehicle can be seen to.

Car travel has become an essential part of modern life and accident repair specialists understand how difficult it can be to carry out everyday tasks without the use of four wheels. If your car is involved in an accident and is subsequently undrivable, Newbridge Accident Repair Centre will arrange for it to be seen immediately by its mechanics. If, however, the damage is not serious and the vehicle can still be safely driven on the road, customers will not normally have to wait any longer than a week before it can be repaired.

In times of severe weather, accident repair centres become much busier and customers may have to wait slightly longer for minor damage to be fixed. The recent heavy snowfall across the country, for example, caused many more accidents on the road including minor shunts and car park collisions. As a result, Newbridge Accident Repair Centre saw its usual workload double from 40 cars per week to more than 80. This led to a two-week wait for minor jobs however the business prides itself on good communication and always keeps customers fully informed of its timescales both for booking in new work and also the estimated duration of repairs - and will book in jobs as soon as possible.

Will I have to pay for a courtesy car?

Newbridge Accident Repair provides a courtesy car free of charge for all the insurance work it undertakes. In some cases, a courtesy car is also offered for private work but this depends on the size of the repair work to be undertaken.

Customers do not need to worry about taking out additional insurance while they are using a courtesy car as they are covered under the centre’s blanket policy, subject to its terms and conditions and the agreed excess under this policy. If a customer wants a smaller excess, they then can arrange for cover to be provided on their existing car insurance so long as it is agreed by Newbridge Accident Repair and the cover provided is acceptable.

Newbridge Accident Repairs has at least 30 courtesy cars of its own which means there are always vehicles available when needed.

With over 30 years’ experience, Newbridge Accident Repair Centre, Basildon, has the advice and expertise to ensure your vehicle is restored to an outstanding standard. For more information, call (01268) 502137.


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