Hope you have started opening your advent calendars today
1st December 2009
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What does the 1 December bring – excited children (and adults I am sure) opening their advent calendars.

My two children (aged almost 6 and 3) were so excited this morning to be opening up their advent calendars.  I bet they were not the only two this morning to be.  They love the thought of having a chocolate before breakfast! 

They now realise Father Christmas will be coming very soon.  Now it’s only 24 days away and he shall be visiting them, hopefully leaving them lots of presents, as they have been good. 

Actually even if they haven’t been good, as a parent we are programmed to forget the naughty bits, and only remember the lovely bits, like when they are fast asleep in their beds after a day when they have caused mayhem!

Over the next week I am going to take them to see Father Christmas at Alton Garden Centre (he is the real one) – again this confirms to them that he is almost here.  We haven’t put up our decorations yet, have you?  It’s our little girl’s 6th birthday on 3 December, so we don’t put the decorations up until after her birthday otherwise her birthday is forgotten. 

We have now entered the magical part of the year, I just love Christmas in its full glory.

This year we are doing something a little bit different.  We are not buying presents for our friends’ kids but we are donating the same amount of money to a local charity which helps children suffering with burns.  To find out more about The Burned Childrens Club, click here.




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