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5th November 2009
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Last weekend was such a long one. I wasn't in work on Friday because I had my Driving test which I failed. I was absolutley gutted!! But as they say the best drivers pass second time! :)

Saturday and Sunday felt like they went on forever. I helped my mum move house from Hockley to Laindon and I must say I have never seen so much stuff! It took her 2 trips in a pretty big truck, so as you can imagine it took us ages to get it in and out. Luckily we had some other members of the family helping out as without them it would have proberbly taken us a week. We finally finished moving her stuff late saturday night! I was so glad it was all over! But now its onto the unpacking which takes even longer!, we have been doing it all week already and it still isn't done! Never mind though, im just glad that she is back in my local area!

While I was helping her out I thinking about all the different companies I would proberbly need if I was moving and thought it may be helpful to list a few of the most recommended ones.

Builders: D W Feeney 

Double GlazingAcorn Window Services 

Household Removals & Storage: AJ Stephenson

Handyman: Kelvin the Handyman

Electrician: Pro It Electrical

Kitchen Installation: Build-Tec

Painters and Decorators: Newtown Decorators

 Hope this helps...

Anyway firework night tonight, better put on my wellies, hat scarf and gloves as im sure its going to be a cold one! :)





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