Basildon Timber, Saving Basildon Money And Saving The World!
26th January 2011
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Own a wooden house and wooden furniture and you end up saving not only expenses but also the world.  Yes, this is not wishful thinking but rather a reality— as tested by scientific studies.  Isn’t wood a little outdated to be used for your dream houses?  No, not at all.  It will still depend on your choice but the sure thing is that using timber has its own dose of advantages and a wide range of usability in construction, decoration and nature preservation.


Houses, anciently known as shelters, have evolved from the cave dwellings to log cabins and to—it should have stopped there.  Why, you ask?  Let me cite things you do not know yet or have forgotten about timber:  It is an exceptional and irreplaceable matter.  We have all learned in school that trees do take in carbon dioxide; however, studies show that even when trees have been already uprooted, cut, processed and turned into wooden products or construction materials, they still continue their religious duty of stocking up carbon dioxide.  Does it sound miraculous?  No, it is just a natural phenomenon.  And you better support this natural phenomenon if you love the world.  By using timber, you help in the absorption of too much unwanted carbon dioxide in the air.  Case in point, in the United Kingdom alone, softwood is commonly utilized for this purpose alongside hardwood, plywood, and mouldings. 

Next, timber boasts of qualities that will shame the hardest steel and the most durable plastic.  Timber is flexible and strong, a characteristic that it owes to its molecular composition.  It is also sturdy in the sense that its shape can be altered without your worrying that it will break or crack.    Also, it is durable because it is resistant to most wood pests; thanks to the chemical additives deposited in the wood.  Moreover, it is hard enough to defy wear and tear.  This will still however be dependent on the kind of wood: As a rule, hardwood is by far harder than softwood because the former is thicker than the latter.  Finally, it is surprising to note that the more solid the wood is, the longer time it will take to burn.  And that means that timber is also resistant to fire. Anyhow, applying chemical preservatives onto timber makes it more fire-resistant.


Last, timber, for all its visual appeal, is widely utilized not just for construction projects but also for appliances and furniture like cupboards, stairways, doorframes, patios, garden fences, floorboards and so on.  Despite the availability of products and materials that compete with timber, still timber would make a good choice because of its practical and nature-friendly benefits. Luckily for us, the local residents of Basildon, there is a highly recommended Timber company just round the corner! Basildon Timber is complete with all you could need to make all this a reality for you! Click here to find out more about Basildon Timber.

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