Basildon Timber Brings Us Log Cabins!
25th October 2010
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All New Log Cabins!


Log cabins can be used for many different things, you can use them for parties, work, or for storage, whatever you use them for you need to make sure you have the right one. For example, you don't want one with heating if you’re only going to store things in it, or you don’t want one made of the type of wood that gets rather smelly if you’re going to work in it. We have two log cabins at home, both for my mother’s work; if we had anymore our garden would start to look like an industrial estate! It took my mum a long time to find our log cabins as it was not just the quality of the cabin she was looking for but also the quality of the company providing us with it. As everyone knows things that are built for outside in the lovely English weather need to be maintained properly. So by purchasing off the wrong company that does not help you maintain your item you could end up with spending much more money than you bargained for.


Basildon Timber


Basildon Timber Merchants have just started selling Log Cabins! I've done my research and had a look on the website, they have many different ranges to choose from and you can even order and brochure online. Not only that but you can ring up right now and get an up to date price list (unlike some shops that wait until you’re at the till to tell you the price). Not only this but they are very particular about the types of wood they use and have every size you could think of. Click here to see Basildon Timbers products.


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