Basildon Market, Making Basildon What It Is Today!
27th January 2011
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Not Your Ordinary Market

Whenever I pass by the Basildon town centre I never miss the chance to drop by this historical albeit traditional marketplace to buy some occasional favorite indulgence or two.   To be honest, Basildon Market is a personal favorite of some of my colleagues and I would hear them patronizing the market more often than its neighboring stores.   I found out why they do.


The marketplace is strategically located and accessible to both the locals and visiting guests; I can easily drive through it via the A127 and I never had any trouble finding a suitable parking space for my car.  I am amazed at the spacious parking area that could accommodate thousands of autos minus the hassle.  Another, Basildon Market offers an ambience of convenience and relief to shoppers.  It is not the sufficiency of goods that is fascinating, but the atmosphere that gives customers a valuable shopping experience.   With over a hundred outlets, one can see an assortment of fresh veggies and fruits, ornamental blossoms, jeans and apparels, latest garments for the young and old, stationeries, toiletries, and trinkets and so much more. 

        Despite the daily hustle and bustle and busy transactions, I noticed the place is amazingly neat.  That is, it is properly maintained mainly because a first-rate staff of utility workers recycles all the wastes generated for the day.   That sounds so nature-friendly, eh?  Yes.  In addition to that, Basildon Market is also customer-friendly.  Refreshments and scrumptious food is always available all day long and are served with a smile.  Lavatories are evenly situated and available too.


The over-all ambience is ever vibrant and colourful because the market transforms with the season and the occasion, especially during Christmas time.  I also like the occasional events that happen all year round like the “birthday bash” come August local holiday weekend. 

        It is interesting to note that the traditional Basildon Market has captured a part of Basildon’s history because it started with a humble beginning in 1958.  Fifty years later, it still stands at the heart of Basildon and is still growing strong and expanding, being faithful to its commitment to serve and to entertain.   Now, I and my colleagues will never run out of a single reason to drop by the marketplace whenever we are in Basildon.  How about you?

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