Are we talking Basildon or Billericay
15th July 2009
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As this is my first blog posting on the Basildon site it seems relevant to me to talk about the biggest event in Basildon's calender this year - the 60th Anniversary of the town. Firstly and on a positive note I would like to thank the council and all involved for taking the time and effort to host such an event on a grand scale. Unfortunately like most things in life, there is always a sting in the tail. On this occasion I am baffled as to why the council have chosen to commemorate the event in Billericay at Lake Meadows and more surprisingly have hired Katherine Jenkins (Who is from Wales and appears to have no connection with Basildon whatsoever - Well as far as I know) to be the headline of the night on Saturday 25th July this year.

Wouldn't it of been better to have approached local performers who have made good ie: Depeche mode or Alison Moyet spring to mind (Now i'm really showing how old I am) as these bands are a symbol of local people making headlines across the world.

So it gets back to the title of this entry is it going to be Basildon or Billericay - Please let me know if you have any views on this.

For tickets to the event please click here.

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