Are locksmiths expensive?
15th November 2017
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Most of us have been faced with a dilemma in our life, to try and break in to our own property or just call a locksmith out! And most of the time you think of one thing... It's too expensive. So you break your way in and end up fixing the broken lock and door yourself. But have you ever thought exactly how much more cost effective could a locksmith be compared to fixing your door?

In this article, we will be explaining how cost effective locksmiths are and how you could be putting yourself at risk by not choosing one.


Let's start with safety...

So you have chosen to break into your property, you've damaged the door and the lock. You say "no problem, I'll fix the door and replace the lock", yes you may think you have saved yourself a tonne of money, however, you are potentially putting yourself at risk. By fixing that faulty door yourself you have left an easy way in, whether you think you have fixed it or not. The lock you have replaced, "you think" is installed correctly and is safe, but do you really trust that you have fixed and installed the lock correctly?

Wouldn't it be a better piece of mind if you was to get it installed by a locksmith? But you come back to that very same word... EXPENSIVE.

Well let's break this down, if you have broke in yourself, you could need a new lock, new door, new hinges and even a new door frame, how much do you think that will cost? Now let's look at a typical charge from a Locksmiths Chelmsford.

You will have to pay a call out charge, that is certain, this is usually between £50 - £150 depending on day and time. However, most locksmiths try to achieve a ZERO damage approach, meaning that they will try to gain entry without damaging your property. This means you will only have to pay for the call out charge and will not have to fix your door, lock, hinges or frame.

So you finally have chosen to use a locksmith, how what one should you use?  Finding a local locksmith is the first place you should look. A local locksmith will be the most cost-effective, quickest at reaching you and the most reliable.


Locksmiths Chelmsford

So what Locksmiths Chelmsford are there? Well, there are many ways of finding a local locksmith, whether you find them through searching online to finding them in the local directory. So what one should I choose? If you are looking online you should look at reviews and recommendations from others, they can really help you in finding the best choice.


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