Add Value To Your Home And Convert Your Garage
24th February 2012
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When you consider the sorry state of the housing market, it is little wonder that homeowners are looking to stay put and add value to their homes. 


Our member High-Tech Membrane Roofing, which is Basildon’s leading flat roofing specialist, has seen a marked increase in the number of garage conversions. In much the same way as conservatories, garage conversions provide an extra room in your property with the additional benefit of not consuming any more of your garden.


And financially it’s a win, win situation. Not only will a garage conversion save you pennies, but it will add to the value of your home. According to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, adding a room can increase the value of your property by up to 5%.  


Garage conversions naturally require less building work than other extensions because the basic structure is already in place. However, one of the biggest aspects of such a project is increasing insulation – including the garage roof. This is where roofing specialists at High-Tech can help. 


Unless your garage is already part of a two-storey structure (there is a room directly above it), the existing roof is probably going to need to be upgraded.


Garages may have a pitched or flat roof but it is likely that both designs were only originally required to keep rain off the roof of your car and as a result will not be insulated. While existing garage roofs can be insulated to provide additional protection, many people opt for a replacement flat roof to lengthen its lifespan and minimise maintenance headaches.


Garage roofs are traditionally constructed by way of a timber decking over the main roofing joists and covered with a mineral felt.


As felt roofs age, there is a tendency for them to blister in hot weather which can become brittle and crack as the temperature changes


This will also cause movement within the felt system, putting stress on the more vulnerable points. Mineral felt will also attract unsightly moss and algae growth further degrading the roof surface. These break downs are generally very slow and water ingress can cause unnecessary damage to the under decking and timber joists well before a leak can be detected internally, which can lead to expensive repairs.


High-Tech Membrane Roofing Ltd specialise in the installation of maintenance-free PVC single-ply flat roofing systems. These systems have a much longer life span than the more traditional materials and offer a greater degree of protection against the elements.



High-Tech PVC membranes are engineered to form a stable waterproof covering to your flat roof and its performance is unaffected by expansion and contraction. It is also fully protected against damaging solar rays and the very worst of British weather.


They offer a 25-year full product and labour warranty fully transferable on request should the property be sold which gives you peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.


For more information about their products call 01268 857366.

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