7 Tips to counter summer holiday 'unlearning'
22nd July 2010
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7 Tips to counter summer holiday 'unlearning'

Learning Loss during the summer holidays has become one of those things many parents and teachers just accept as a fact of life.

However, this is just not the case. At least, it does not have to be the case.

The learning process should not stop the moment the school closes for the summer.

In fact, parents can do many things to keep their child's brain active!

Try these learning loss buster tips:

1) Let your children try and add the shopping list prices in their heads. Give a small reward for the one closest to the correct answer at the Checkout.

2) Why not bake a cake and let your child collect the ingredients, measure out the amounts needed and mixing ingredients. You can also let them time how long before it is ready.

3) On a road journey, look at the letters on the number plate and see who can make up words use the most letters.

4) Do a nature trail and let the children read the map. They can work out how long they have walked and how far. They can then work out how long it might take them to walk to a nearby town or attraction.

5) When you look at interesting buildings and architecture let your children draw the buildings by only using shapes. Help them see triangles, squares etc.

6) When they have watch the latest film release for the summer, let them write out a scene in the movie or paint a scene and describe to you what they remember.

7) If you go out camping you can make up lovely stories around the campfire. Let one person start with a sentence. Then everyone build the story by only adding one sentence at a time. When you get good with this you can try building a story with adding only one word at a time!

8) A perfect complement to your efforts during the summer is an academic summer school week before the school start.

Remember - Have Fun! Watch this short promo video of the Kip McGrath Centre (Basildon & Wickford) Summerschool at http://ping.fm/it8Xm

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