5 Reasons why you might need to hire a locksmith in Basildon
11th August 2017
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5 Reasons why you might need to hire a locksmith in Basildon


If you haven't been lucky enough to get your whole life without locking yourself out, you can count yourself in the small few that keep their keys safe. The vast majority of us have used a locksmith in the past, most likely because you locked yourself out. However did you know there may be many other reasons why you would need to use a locksmith in Basildon apart from an emergency.


Before we go into detail lets take a look into more about locks...


Variations in locks

There are 5 types of locks, a warded lock, pin tumbler lock, wafer tumbler lock, disc tumbler lock and a level tumbler lock. The most common of these are the warded lock and the pin tumbler lock, most people know these by popular brand names, such as Chubb for a warded lock and Yale for a pin tumbler lock. 

The Warded Lock or Chubb Lock, is a lock that has metal barriers that have been designed to fit a specific key. The key would be a thin cylinder piece of metal with a square piece at the end, this end piece will have rectangle cuts which will fit the barriers in the lock. Once turned the key will skip over the barriers and therefor opening the door.

A Wafer Tumbler Lock, is a very common type of lock, part of the tumbler family. The lock will consist of usually 5 pin that are spring loaded down, each at different heights. The key will be designed to push these pins up at a specific high allowing the pins to become aligned, only at this point can the lock be turned.


So why would I need a Locksmith Basildon

Usually split into two categories, urgent and planned. Urgent locksmithing usually consists of someone locking themselves out of a house, flat or car. Whereas planned locksmithing is mostly changing and fitting locks, this can be upgrading or new fittings. Both of which are just as important, however ensuring your locks are up to date and secure is important. Most individuals find that they are not covered under their own insurance due to the locks, one to look out for.


So where do i find a Locksmith Basildon... 

A great place to find a locksmith is to ask a friend, most of them will have used one in the past. Alternatively we would suggest looking online or in our local directory, keep an eye out for good reviews.



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