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Anxiety is can occur at any time and sufferers can really struggle with many forms of the condition from OCD, depression to health anxiety....
Life is pretty full on for Project:Dance!...
With many extra curricular activities stopping through the school holidays, we have found something great for all kids that on all year through!
Whether you have two left feet or could give Michael Flatley a run for money, join Barnstaple’s hotly anticipated 12 hour dance-a-thon for the special care baby unit.
Our grey matter is sometimes quite forgetful, but all we need is something to reignite that spark – Try dancing and see someone's face light up again.
You can’t wait to become Mr and Mrs, but when all eyes are on you both on the dance floor make sure you can wow your guests.
The bond that is made from dancing is quite an intense one....
Whether you watch it for the sequins, the judges comments or simply because it looks like fun, Strictly has won the nations hearts year after year....
If you have been poorly and want to get back on your feet then maybe you should give dance therapy a thought!
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