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Both Karen and Steve are passionate, with teaching people of all various abilities to enjoy dance.
I joined project dance about 10 years ago and I love being apart of it. Karen and Steve are such lovely people and will always make everyone feel welcomed.
Project Dance is precisely what dance should be about. Inclusive, non judgemental and fun. I've seen their classes and their shows, they are true pioneers. Go to one of their shows and you will find it impossible not to come out smiling, dancing and absolutely inspired. What a fantastic project.
We have joined ballroom classes. It is great fun. All abilities welcomed and talented, friendly teachers. We look forward to it every week.
Wonderful group, any age, shape or size everyone is made to feel like part of the family. My 3 daughters have been a part of this for many years and have grown in confidence and ability over time, I would highly recommend them to anyone! Keep up the fantastic work 😀😀
A very friendly group of people getting together, learning new skills and having a lot of fun. Professional teaching for all ages and ability. I have been attending now for over 3 years and still enjoying it as much now as my first time.
Being part of Project:Dance! Devon is as much joining a family as a dance school. Everybody's successes are celebrated, everyone is catered for and everyone is encouraged to do their best. To that end, most are struggling to find room for the medals and trophies as progressing through the exam levels is actively encouraged and social dances put on by the school means there is a chance to dance outside of the lessons, meet others from different classes and have a great time together; which we do! A great family to belong to :-)
As a child I was always told I was no good at dancing,so when I heard about Project Dance I was very excited. I was drawn to the fact that any age,size and ability are welcome,and went along to see what it was all about.Karen and Steve made myself and two girls very welcome and comfortable and after a couple of lessons our confidence grew and we even ended up performing in the theatre and at other shows which was so much fun!Originally we joined the tap dancing class,and later street and hip hop but there are so many dance styles to choose from at Project Dance!We also went on to sit exams which were nerve wracking but worth it to receive our certificates and medals and even went on to get a couple of distinctions proving that anyone really can dance!
We went along to watch today and were very impressed. Everyone is included regardless of age gender or ability. We were made to feel very welcome and my daughter is looking forward to beginning lessons here. It's got a real friendly family feel about it and no one is judging eachother. It's obvious Steve & Karen are passionate about what they do and care deeply about thier students.
There are so many things to say about Project Dance !! My Wife and I have been going to classes for a number of years now and it is not just the variety of dance and drama taught, nor the option to take nationally recognised qualification, It is not the fact that it truly is an all inclusive school welcoming all ages /abilities / and capabilities, it is not even the fact that we have found something that we can both do and enjoy together, but all of these things wrapped up in a friendly experience, it is not just the dancing it is the whole experience of meeting friends (you could even call them one big family) for regular classes, shows if you wish to take part and social events. We would highly recommend anybody considering trying something new, returning to dance or broadening their dance experience to Give Karen and Steve a try at Project Dance. I know that they will be very pleased to see you.
I love being a member of the Project Dance Devon family because Karen & Steve are not just great teachers but lovely people aswell. They don't turn anybody away, they give every and anyone the opportunity to dance & perform & makes everybody who walks in feel welcome. I've been dancing for 9 years now & I go 2 to 3 times a week, I absolutely love it & I can definitely say I am passionate about dance💗 Going to dance is the main thing I look forward to every week💃🏻😃
we have danced with project for over 9 years. Karen and Steve promote the love of dance, you are never to old to learn. Thank you both for nurturing our ability and and our love for dance.
I have been learning Ballroom and Latin dancing for just over a year with Project Dance Devon. I would just like to say that Karen and Steve are great teachers. They teach not only Ballroom and Latin but also burlesque, hip hop and tap. Everyone is welcome to join their classes - male or female, young or old, fat or thin, able bodied or disabled - there is no bar. It is great fun, good exercise and keeps you mentally agile. I have only two regrets: that I waited until I was sixty-one to start learning and that don't have time to do more classes. Project Dance has enriched my life and has also brought me new friends. I thoroughly recommend learning to dance with Project Dance Devon. If you are thinking of learning to dance give it a go!
We always try to see Project Dance shows in Barnstaple and are impressed by the standard achieved. Everyone , of all ages and abilities,seems to be having so much fun and receiving great encouragement so displaying confidence and skill. Karen and Steve's enthusiasm extends to the audience as well as the cast, with notable memories of dancing in our seats.
After struggling to find a hobby I could really enjoy and continue whilst my partner is away for long periods of time, I found Project Dance: Devon. After an email I sent and with a speedy reply, I thought I would just pop up and see what it was all about! Karen and Steve welcomed me and at once made me feel very comfortable, I do suffer with my nerves. After this first encounter and 8 months down the line I still go to their Wednesday evening class and have joined another one of their classes. Karen and Steve make you feel apart of their huge dancing family and are very encouraging and patient. I would recommend Project Dance: Devon to anyone thinking of joining a dance school!
Being new to the area and to dance, I was a bit hesitant in going to a class, but Karen, Steve and the other dance participants made me feel really welcome. I now go regularly and have heaps of fun while learning to dance and get fitter at the same time. Highly recommend everyone give Project Dance a go.
Karen and Steve are always very professional but also very fun and engaging for our visitors. We have had them teaching public dances at numerous events and they always get the crowds involved!
Project dance has such a wonderful ethos and the pure joy of dance is on display every time you see them perform.
Karen and Steve are fantastic. My wife and I danced regularly with an exeptional instructor while living in London. Since leaving however (over 14 years ago) we struggled to find someone that came up to our exacting standards, too many people are happy to accept mediocre performance from capable students. We came accross this couple about four years ago and were really happy with their passion for excellence because, although we joined a beginners' class at Umberleigh, they made sure to give us tips to help us refine our basic technique. My wife then started suffering badly from vertigo and any quick turns were out of the question as they made her feel terribly nautius so we stopped dancing. Recently, we saw an advert for a new beginners' class in Crediton and thought this might be something she could cope with so signed up. Steve and Karen welcomed us as old friends and after making them aware of Clare's difficulty have agreed to adapt any of their routines to be something that will minimise the discomfort of dizziness. They are both exeptionally patient and willing to do anything to help everyone in the room progress regardless of their current level of ability, an absolute blessing to all. Thank you, whole heartedly from Damian

Reply from Project:Dance! Devon:
Thank you so much for this lovely review. We are so happy to have you back with us. Onwards and upwards we go! Karen and Steve
They make the classes fun, so you don't feel pressured if you can't get the steps or find that you do actually have to left feet.

Reply from Project:Dance! Devon:
Thank you for this, we don't want anyone to feel under pressure at all! So glad you find it fun.
Project Dance Devon is an all inclusive Dance and Drama theatre group. The classes are always such great fun, which is the best way to learn . Steve and Karen who run the classes are lovely and very welcoming.
I have worked with Steve and Karen for 3 months and really love their ethos of a dance school they take to different communities in North Devon!

Reply from Project:Dance! Devon:
Thank you for your kind words!
I was curious about dance but not at all confident. I didn't need to worry, Karen and Steve are patient, warm and fun teachers. They obviously love what they do and teach with heart and soul.
I attended this dance school for 4 years and had the best time. I made new friends, learn't a variety of dances and was even considered good enough to take my exams. The school is friendly and informal and you are listened to. They provide a variety of dance lessons from Ballroom, Rock and Roll and Hip Hop, meaning this school caters for a huge variety of the public. Karen and Steve travel around North Devon meaning they reach people who live in small, rural communities which many companies do not do. Everyone is welcome and no-one is turned away. Unfortunately i had to move away for work purposes and i have never been able to find a dance school like Project Dance. I really miss my dancing days. Thank you for the wonderful memories.
We've just returned from our fifth dance lesson with Karen and Steve and are having a great time! We had no experience a few weeks ago and already we can do a social foxtrot, cha cha and square tango. They have both been patient with us and they really know their stuff. My mum has just joined our dance class - it really is for everyone :)

Reply from Project:Dance! Devon:
Thank you so much for this lovely review. You have done so well in such a short time. We are so glad you are enjoying it!
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