Top-3 Apps to Enhance Your Daily Output
21st April 2019
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Nowadays, it’s rather difficult to be a productive member of any corporation, business community, or entertainment company without current skills of proper time-management, data processing, and on-the-go data exchanging. In this article, you will know about the best 3 applications which are designed to help you reach the necessary productivity level.


Gmail App is a smartphone client of one of the biggest Email services in the world. According to Statista 2018 research, Gmail’s user base totals more than 1,5 billion of users worldwide, and this number continues to grow. This application is highly convenient for those users who prefer other Google services like Calendar and Docs because all of them are integrated into the app. In addition to that, you can easily attach several additional mailboxes to operate them via a single application. You can enjoy parallel use of such third-party Email services as Outlook, Yahoo, and multiple regional services.


Gmail is also considered to have the fastest performance and the most versatile feature set amongst similar apps. The number of integrated options, Google Drive compatibility, multi-box synchronization, smart-reply and adjustable notifications make this Email application an indispensable all-in-one tool for secure business and private communication.

Google Keep - Notes and Lists

Some say that taking notes and making up lists is a kind of procrastination. Perhaps, these people don’t have to do dozens of different tasks on a daily basis! We recommend this application for those people who do.


Google Keep provides a neverending feed for you to make drafty notes on the go. Its remarkable feature is the clean interface with notes divided into tiles. There are absolutely no distracting elements. You don’t have to switch between several screens because all tools are single-tap far on the main display.


Each note may include instant photos or images from your gallery as well as finger drawings to highlight something important. Another way to divide note-tiles is color scheme switch. Just choose the color of the background to see what’s important. You can also use tags and time or place reminders. As this app is for draft notes, you may have too many of them in a short period. Use the archive button to hide needles notes without deleting them.


This application is an easy and precise tool for document scanning. All you need to do to receive qualitative PDFs is just open the app and shoot them with a camera. CamScanner can edit all scans automatically, but you can also add specific adjustments, such as saturation or contrast, manually. However, you won’t have to do it frequently due to the new OCR technology that sharpens text and images to make them easily readable. Ready-made scans may be automatically packed into multi-page documents and collages. If your fellow workers use CamScanner too, they may comment on any document and download it from the cloud. Off-app collaborators may receive PDFs from you via Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, Evernote, and Dropbox. At we tested many similar applications, and CamScanner proved to be the most heaped and accurate.

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