The Top Reasons Why Entrepreneurs are Starting – and Growing – Their Enterprise in Manchester
3rd September 2021
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Manchester is a well-known city, and it certainly has plenty to offer to any growing business. Opportunities abound in the area, and it boasts a fantastic location and a thriving community of professionals and business people, aside from top universities and a great entertainment (and sports!) scene. So if you are starting a business and are thinking of where you can have your headquarters and base of operations, it may well be worth thinking about Manchester. Of course, if you are already within the region, you know that it pays to be well-located right within the busy centre of the city.

But why else are more business owners choosing to settle in Manchester to run their enterprise? Following are the top reasons why more entrepreneurs are starting – and growing – their enterprise in Manchester.

  • A lot of startups and businesses scaling up

In the last ten years, the rate of startups in Manchester has steadily grown, and even now, it is growing, even with the pandemic. Along with this, the number of scale-ups in Manchester is also increasing, and these scale-ups are businesses with an average annual growth in turnover or employees that are more than 20% per year over three years. Obviously, these businesses are moving forward, and what’s more, Manchester has one of the highest direct foreign investments compared to other cities outside London.

  • Technological growth and development

From 2010 to 2013, Manchester also experienced a lot of technological growth and development. This tech expansion is to be found in various sub-sectors, be it network infrastructure, protocols, cloud computing, audio and visual design, and more. There are plenty of tech enterprises in the region, and these enterprises have already struck gold and are reaping the benefits. So if you would like to experience substantial growth – whether you are a tech company yourself or want to take advantage of the expertise of tech enterprises – Manchester is the place to be.

  • A good selection of prime business spaces

Business space in Manchester is also plentiful, and you can find various areas where you can grow your business and operate. In addition, the city is more affordable than other key areas like London, and it's only two hours away from the capital if you need to travel there.

  • Premier universities that are supportive of entrepreneurs

Three universities in Manchester – the University of Manchester, the University of Salford, and Manchester Metropolitan University – have been extensively involved in entrepreneurship, encouraging and supporting young entrepreneurs and helping develop a good number of highly qualified graduates every year.

  • A strong networking system that encourages entrepreneurship

Another main reason why more entrepreneurs are settling down and finding their base in Manchester is the robust networking system that encourages entrepreneurship and growth. Whether you're just starting as an entrepreneur or have an eye on expansion, you can take advantage of Manchester's various learning, mentoring, and networking platforms, where entrepreneurs can have exciting discussions and expound on their ideas together. Many organisations in the city are actively learning and networking, and some even hold panel meetings and conferences for different sectors.

Manchester indeed has plenty to offer any entrepreneur wanting to get ahead. Even in terms of office space, you can easily find what you need without sacrificing comfort and accessibility.

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