Tips for buying children’s toys for other people’s kids
23rd January 2021
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Buying gifts can sometimes be tricky. What can you get someone that they’ll love but don’t have already? This can get even more complicated for children because you want to get something they’ll enjoy, but that helps grow as a person. This is particularly true for other people’s kids as you want to get something they’ll love but the parents will approve of. (Probably best to hold off on that drum kit.)

Don’t worry though, we’ve got ideas for fantastic presents that everyone will love.


Books are an incredible present for kids of all ages because they:

  • Create emotional bonds between the child and the adult reading with them
  • Aid in the development of language and expansion of vocabulary
  • Boost critical thinking skills and increase knowledge of the world around us
  • Help children develop their moral framework and discover who they are
  • Allow kids to experience things before facing them in the real world (i.e. school, a trip abroad, the dentist) and show them that things will be okay

What are some good choices for books? There are so many, but if pressed, we’d go for classic stories that we loved as kids, books centring on a subject the kid loves (i.e. dinosaurs or dogs), and diverse literature with kids of colour, kids with disabilities, or LGBTQ+ kids as the protagonist.

Gender Neutral Toys

As we enter the 2020s (last year didn’t count), we move further away from the rigid gender stereotypes that have limited children and adults for centuries, so why not get a toy that transcends these stereotypes too? Now of course boys can play with dolls and girls with cars, but some toys are so much fun and so naturally gender neutral that all we see is how much fun they are. And this infographic from Toyz World shows you the history of a toy that’s the ultimate gender neutral toy for the simple reason that every child loves it: the scooter!

For some more specific ideas, if your nephew likes playing with dolls, get him some accessories for his collection. If your little sister likes to find bugs in the garden, get her a book to help identify the insects. If your friend’s nonbinary kid likes to race cars or dress up as Disney Princesses, find out what cars or outfits they don’t have yet.

Add On Toys

Sometimes when buying for kids, we make the mistake of thinking that they already have that toy, so we must get something newer and more exciting, but children keep toys they love and can benefit more from smaller items that expand on the play possibilities.

For instance, if they have several Barbies, there’s no need to buy a whole new doll when you can buy clothes, accessories, or even the other members of her family (boyfriend Ken, sister Shelly, or pets). If they like playing dress-up, then some accessories can expand on the possibilities indefinitely. Think about if Spiderman had wings or a dinosaur had a wand or a cat wore a dress.

It’s all about expanding the opportunities for kids to use their imagination and learn more through play.

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