Stylin' Out and IG Famous: A Guide to Streetwear Fashion
23rd April 2019
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If you had to talk a wild guess right now (no really — do it!), how much would you say the fashion industry is worth?

If you said millions, you're way off. If you said billions, you're close...ish. 

The fashion industry is worth $2.4 trillion. In the last decade, it's grown a progressive 5.5% per year. It's currently the world's seventh-largest economy.

Included in this booming industry is the niche of streetwear fashion, another trend that isn't going anywhere. In fact, with the rise of Instagram and its influencers, we predict streetwear's popularity to stay on a steady incline.

So how can your outfit compete with the fashion-savvy masses? What essentials (and extras) do you need to be Supreme? What global and local businesses can you support in your style journey?

This article is our equivalent to a mood board. Keep reading for inspiration! 

How to Define Streetwear Fashion

The cool thing about defining this trend is that it's actually undefinable (but we'll try our hardest). 

Streetwear itself is the merging of subcultures, thus creating its own unique culture. Streetwear combines the likes of hip hop artists, grungy skaters, and lax surfers, cultivating a style all its own. So if you're looking for style rules to follow, know that there are none here.

In fact, streetwear is all about making something work for you. It's about innovating, about making a baggy t-shirt look like a work of art, about turning your own vision into reality.

Do you know that oversized t-shirt, tight, distressed jeans, and sleek sneakers that your buddy is always wearing? He's oh-so-street, combining the looks of 90s skaters and rappers into one new-age look.

Streetwear is all about coloring outside the lines. Thinking outside the boxes. It doesn't want to place you in one demographic, age group, or style section; it wants you to be all things at once.

Just like the hustlin', bustlin' streets around the globe.

The Basics of This Trend: An Essential Checklist

Here are a couple of go-to essentials you've gotta have in your closet! These work for both men and women, so don't be afraid to go a little androgynous!

A sleek pair of jeans. A fun idea: start with denim as raw as possible, so that it distresses to your specific movements over time

A chunky pair of sneakers 

A sleek pair of sneakers(That's right, you need both! Chunky sneakers for athleisure fits and sleek for out on the town)

A fitted jacket in army colors (navy, beige, green)

Fitted sweatpants with tight ankles 

A basic, oversized t-shirt

A long coat with deep pockets (can be worn over regular outfits or your athleisure gear)

Bucket hats (channel your dad in this one!)

Urban jewelry like big watches, shiny gold rings, chain necklaces. (Click here to learn more about male-friendly jewelry options.)

A thrifted item (because it's all about being eclectic)

We'll admit, it's hard to procure a list of streetwear basics when the trend is so inclusive! This style is not about excluding any one piece or vision. It's about making everything work together in an interesting way.

Aesthetic doesn't have a definition! It's beautifully subjective.

Our Favorite Streetwear Brands

Where should you go shopping to find some of these streetwear essentials? (Besides the thrift store—for those one-of-a-kind treats!)

Here are a few options to consider (and for some, you may have to invest a pretty penny).

Supreme. We've mentioned this brand a few times and it wasn't without reason! Any quick Google or Instagram "streetwear" search will bring this label up more than once.

Supreme brings you all the youthful fashion culture that NYC has to offer. It has a heavy focus on skateboarder style.

Bape. Bape, or Bathing Ape, is a Japanese clothing brand that dominates the global streetwear scene. This brand helps to popularize the "exclusive" items that dominate streetwear. 


Because when the designer first began, he couldn't afford to produce more than 50 shirts at a time. He also didn't want everyone to "wear the same things." And thus, one-offs became must-haves.

Nike and Adidas. One thing you'll see often when persuing streetwear IG accounts is athleisure wear. Because of this, familiar names like Nike and Adidas are common appearances. Whether it's a straightforward hat or a pair of quality sneakers, this is one brand that most of us can afford.

Instagram Accounts Worth Your Follow

So you understand the basics of streetwear style, but you're hitting a fashion block. What do you do when inspiration just isn't striking?

Try a little scroll on some of these Instagram accounts:

@Mistermort: This "reluctant anthropologist" and NYC style king/photographer is doing street-style right: like our dads. In fact, a quick glance at his IG shows a slew of dads dressed in an array of patterns, looks, and vibes.

His "post-ironic dad style" gives new meaning to what it means to be fashionable. The gentlemen he features are straightforward, comfortable, and classic. 

@Bestofstreetwear: From Justin Beiber in an oversized Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt to his wife Hailey in white Doc Martins, this account follows all the "best of" on the streets.

It even offers display boards that compare the pricey version of an outfit to its affordable counterparts. This gives every budget a chance to embody the style.

@Hypebeast: What are the hot new sneaker choices? Who's the latest to rock the Supreme brand? What $700 sweatshirt can you casually rock this weekend?

You'll find all this (and more) on this IG.

@Miniswoosh: One staple of the streetwear style is a great pair of kicks. This Instagram features a shoe-conscious lady in all her many athleisure looks! Her IG is a great one to peruse if you want to look good while staying casual.

From the Streets to Your Newsfeed

One day you're looking at the Instagram accounts of the streetwear gods and goddesses. Next, you're elevating your own style game. And last — who knows? You may be the next streetwear IG on our list!

Streetwear fashion is all around you. It's within you. Don't put yourself into a fashion box; this trend is all about innovating yourself and cultivating a look that's unique to you.

So get dressed and hit the streets with your best photographer friend. We'll see you on Instagram soon!

In the meantime—feel like sharing with us a favorite fashion distributor you know? Click here to recommend a reputable business!

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