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28th September 2020
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If you’re considering an office relocation, or you want to touch up an existing property, your employees shouldn’t be the ones to move the furniture. No matter how light or heavy it is, this is a task for professional removal firms such as Harrow Green. In addition to helping you move everything, they can give advice on how to incorporate your existing furniture into the new property, or even suggest some improvements. But what are other things to consider? In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to ensure that the furniture management installation goes well.

List the Inventory

The first step when you’re redesigning or moving an office is to list all the furniture. Make sure you create categories for everything you want to keep and items you wish to dispose of. This will help the removal company tremendously, as they’ll have a clear idea of items they can work with. Plus, they can plan how to fit your existing furniture in the new space, and help improve the overall layout.

On the other hand, if you’re considering upgrading furniture, a removal company can tell you about the latest innovations and help you decide on the furniture that will suit your needs but also fit within your budget.

Empty the Drawers

Although a daunting task, cleaning out all the drawers will make everything much more manageable. Provide all your employees with boxes to store all the items they’ll need in the new space. Make sure they seal everything tightly, because you don’t want the contents of the box falling out everywhere. Plan around two boxes per each employee, so that even important documents can fit inside.

Not doing this can make things a lot harder for the removal company. The furniture will be much heavier, and it can also increase the costs. Plus, some of the valuable items might get damaged if they stay inside the drawers.

Sell Furniture

If you don’t plan to keep the furniture, why not sell it or ask if your employees want something? Most likely, they’ll want to buy some pieces for a reduced price.For instance, you may want to get rid of the office chairs, which your employees might need for their home office.

This kind of situation is win-win for everyone. They get good-quality furniture at a lower price, while you dispose of something you don’t need anymore.

List Online

Once your employees have bought what they want, you can list the rest of the furniture online. With fewer items to take with you, relocating will be much easier. What’s more, listing the furniture online will generate money towards the removal costs.

Disassemble Everything You Can

Before the removal company arrives and proceeds with furniture management installation, try to disassemble the furniture that’s left over. Your team can help you out with this. This involves unbolting the shelves or even cubicle drawers. Organize everything by putting tiny pieces in plastic bags. That way, when the removal workersneed to put everything back together, they won’t have to spend time looking for the various components.

Label Everything

If you label everything specifically, you can save time when you unpack. Putting a label on the boxes your employees packed will ensure they find things easily. Plus, the removal workers will know where they need to put everything. This will help avoid potential stress of being unable to find certain items, which often happens when moving.

Donate Unwanted Items

If there are pieces of furniture you don’t want, consider donating them to a good cause. There might be charitable organizations that need it or even individuals. Also, check the recycling rules and regulations. In some areas, when you donate furniture, you can get a tax deduction, which can bring benefits to your company.

Efficient Office Furniture Planning

An office relocation or even an office redesign is both an exciting and stressful period. Harrow Green is a removal company that ensures furniture management installation goes efficiently and smoothly. Whether you plan to get rid of the existing furniture or update it to complement your new working space, they can arrange everything to reflect your brand. But make sure you set aside some time to pack the contents of the drawers and organise everything properly before moving day.

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