7 Simple Ways to Naturally Reduce Anxiety
2nd May 2019
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Everyone has some level of anxiety. It's what keeps us from entering into dangerous situations and nudges us to stay organised or get work done by a deadline.

However, there are many people who suffer from anxiety at a higher level. If your anxiety is giving you physical symptoms, like heart palpitations, and stopping you from living your life normally, it needs to be treated. Here are some ways you can naturally reduce anxiety.


If you're looking for the best way to get rid of the anxious feeling in your stomach, exercise is at the top of the list. Not only is it a great distraction when you're feeling anxious but it's also been proven to improve mood too.

The endorphins released when you take part in physical activity have a positive effect on both anxiety and depression. You may feel a huge relief for hours after exercising. It doesn't mean you have to take part in strenuous or intense exercise; just a simple walk or jog for thirty minutes each day is enough to see a change.

Avoid Alcohol

You may have found that alcohol temporarily relieves the symptoms of anxiety. A glass of wine or two can help to relax you and take you away from your own thoughts for a while. However, you may have also noticed that your anxiety returns quickly afterwards.

You should never rely on alcohol to relieve you of anxiety symptoms. The danger is that you'll become dependent on alcohol. Instead of using alcohol as a coping method, discover more about treatments for anxiety.

Quit Smoking

Did you know that inhaling nicotine and cigarette smoke over a long period of time can alter pathways in the brain that are linked to anxiety? Many people find that smoking when they feel stressed results in relief. 

However, just like drinking alcohol, the relief is temporary. These quick fixes often have the opposite effect long-term, worsening anxiety attacks for sufferers. The less you smoke, the easier you'll be able to find more suitable coping methods for anxiety.

Create a Restful Space

We all need a place to retreat to when life becomes a little overwhelming. If you're wondering how to treat anxiety, sleep is often the key for many. With anxiety comes many symptoms that are difficult to deal with, including insomnia. 

To get some peaceful rest, you need to create a relaxing space. Avoid using televisions, tablets or phones in your bedroom. Only sleep at night to ensure you're resting properly when you should be. And keep the lights low or off when you're trying to sleep.

Naturally Reduce Anxiety with Meditation

When you're looking for natural ways to treat your anxiety, it doesn't get much better than meditation. Anxiety is a form of severe worry that can happen when you're in your own head too much. 

Meditation is a simple way of letting go of all of that worry and allowing yourself to just relax in the moment. Meditation teaches you to use calming techniques when you feel emotional. It's a fantastic way to relieve stress and anxiety and you only have to practice for thirty minutes each day to see the benefits quickly.

A Balanced Diet

There are many foods that can have a negative effect on your mood. For instance, foods containing caffeine, like chocolate and foods that contain large amounts of refined sugars or added flavorings. They're often the foods that many people like to treat themselves with.

Although it's okay to eat these foods in moderation, they should also be balanced out with fruits and vegetables to ensure your body is getting what it needs for proper brain function. It's also important to stay hydrated throughout the day, so carry a bottle of water around with you.

Aromatherapy and Massage

It's easier to treat anxiety once you've asked the question, what is anxiety? Anxiety is the exact opposite of relaxation, so it's not surprising that relaxation would be a natural remedy. Aromatherapy and massage are centuries old techniques for relaxation.

If you're having difficulty sleeping at night, massage could dramatically help. The essential oils used in aromatherapy are also well known to relieve the symptoms of anxiety. Oils such as lavender have been used for years in the promotion of good sleep, even in small children.

Counting Techniques

There will be times where you feel like anxiety might be getting the better of you. Many people with anxiety suffer from panic attacks that can stop their days their tracks. If you find yourself suffering from these types of attacks, counting techniques can help

There are often warning signs before an attack takes place. For example, butterflies in the stomach, sweating or heart palpitations. If you recognise these signs and believe an attack is imminent, try counting backwards from twenty in an effort to rewire the brain and distract yourself. If you need to, you can start from a higher number.

Seek Advice

If you've already tried all of the suggestions above and still suffer from severe anxiety attacks, it's important to speak to a medical professional. There are times when diagnosis, medication and advice are needed. 

If you're struggling, you don't have to deal with things by yourself. There are professionals ready and willing to assist you and many online forums dedicated to anxiety sufferers where you can find help and support.

Never Ignore Anxiety

Anxiety isn't often something that will go away by itself. You can naturally reduce anxiety in many different ways and using natural methods is the best place to start. It could just be your body trying to tell you that something needs to change. 

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