Wrexham Winter Weather Woes
10th April 2013
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How much has the snow cost your business?
The record cold temperatures in March were not the only problem for businesses in Wrexham. The amount of snow which fell, and stayed, has wreaked havoc on businesses throughout the county and parts of NE Wales. Until just a few days ago, car parks still bore the evidence of the heavy snow with areas boasting huge, stubborn snow banks. 
Facebook and Twitter users shared their photos and woes of trapped cars, falling gutters and disrupted satellite services. There was also a shared sense of community spirit as many communities helped each other with the big dig.
What was the cost to your business? Were you able to stay open through the worst days? Were you able to get to work? Your staff? Did customers have a place to park? 
We are told it was the worst weather for March in 50 years, but that's no consolation for those struggling with a small business. 
Here at The Best of Wrexham, we'd love to hear your stories of how you coped through those initial days when winter well and truly came to stay.
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